Friday, November 7, 2008

Good Mernin' America: The Whispers - Say Yes

This song brings back so many memories of when I was a kid. If my granny had the interweb she would probably have this song on repeat :) She would play it over, and over, and over! Then she would put her glass in the air and hang her head low moving it side to side :)  And every now and then she would say "That's my song".  I guess that's where I get it from :) Listen here.
Come here
let's talk dear
there are things inside me
I want you to hear
I want to soak into you like rain
make love until my energy drains
and there's lust erased its own shame
you'll scream my name
out of pleasure not pain
if you just say yes
I'll do the rest

come here
this is your hour
ooh like raindrops on a flower
come bathe in my love shower
then let me blow your body dry
kiss the tears from your sexy eyes
and as our passion begins to rise
you make it time for the pleasure inside
if you just say yes
I''ll do the rest

I wanna build you a dream home
made of love not just wood and stone
give you the deed to all that I own
give you love a minute
be your baby I'm in it
if you just say yes
i'll do the rest
if you just say yes
I will do the rest

Have you ever been kissed
from head to toe
down your back onto your navel?
Well you got that goodies and sweets
and even more tricks and dreams
I am willing and I am able
because I love you
really really love you
and I am so damn caught up in you
Say yes I will do the rest
if you just say yes I will do the rest 

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