Monday, November 3, 2008

T.I. on Jimmy Kimmel Live

I didn't get the transcripts for the show but the clip is about 6:17 seconds long.  

If you didn't know or even care, the T.I.Pster is going to the big house (his date is tentatively scheduled for Mar. '09).  

I'm not sure if these interviews qualifies as "community service, but he is making rounds on the national network...I said "NATIONAL". 

He has moved passed BET and MTV..I guess that what happens when you rule the Billboard Charts, well consistently :)  

The funniest part of the interview to went something like this....  

Sarah Silverman:

Oh my God, what were you going to do with machine guns?"

I was gonna keep them out of the hands of Vury Bad men."

Talk about swag personality...I just love this dude..


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