Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PRESIDENT OBAMA'S IN THE HOUSE: We have chosen hope over fear!!!

I'm still at a lost for words to sum up the whole Presidential election and inauguration experience so please bare with me. This morning was one of the warmest coldest days I can remember. My husband, son and I snuggled in the bed to watch the inauguration and I have been crying since 8:00 am PST. I'm a little emotional right now. I hate to do a Sarah Palin, but I liked EVERYTHING about what we experienced this morning. It was amazing to watch President Obama stand and give a speech with so much grace and conviction. I mean, if this was me I would not have been able to keep the tears back. It was was awesome to see people put there differences to the side for a moment. I mean, did you actually see President Daddy Bush and President Bill Clinton share smiles and a hug? Get outta here!!! Click here for more

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