Friday, October 24, 2008

Remember Me: Rodney King

Last night I TiVo'd Celebrity Rehab 2. I started watching this last year and I must say it is on the same level as Keyshia Cole's reality show (premires 11-11-08). So as usual when they cast this show, it's always 1 black person. I wasn't going to give to much attention until I saw him:

I don't know if you all remember what happened to him but as a Native Californian I do. Although he is not a traditional "celebrity" he definately can be considered a "historical" figure.

On the show you can clearly see how uncomfortable he is with talking to the camera's because he's just a regular man. But his sincerity can be heard when he speaks (unlike some of the other patients) check out his bio:

RODNEY KING, Historical Figure, Age: 43

Rodney King lives in Rialto, CA and is bankrupt. Known for the 1991 beating by Los Angeles police which was caught on videotape, and was played all over the world.

The police officers'acquittal in April 1992 triggered the 'L.A. Riots' which set the city on fire with widespread looting, violence and deaths. Two officers were later found guilty of Federal civil right charges, while the other two were acquitted.

Since the 1991 incident, King has been arrested nearly a dozen times for offenses such as spousal abuse, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, drug possession, and soliciting a transvestite prostitute.

On November 3, 1989, King assaulted a convenience store clerk with a tire iron and fled with $200. He received two years in prison for this offense but was paroled after a year. King has been married at least twice and has three daughters from three separate mothers (the youngest he hasn't seen in years due to his drug and alcohol abuse).

At one point there were reports that King was shot with birdshots fired from an unknown shotgun. He was shot in the face, arms, back, and torso. Police arrived to his home and he appeared drunk.

King was eventually awarded $3.8 million for the injuries he sustained in the police beating. In 2004, King pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of PCP after he slammed into a power pole in Rialto, CA. He broke his pelvis from the accident.

In 2005, King was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. He currently 'works' with friends for a tow truck company called Hud & Sons Towing. However he is a danger to himself and others because he is intoxicated the majority of the time.

According to Rodney, 'If you're not drunk by 10am, you're not human.'

I am personally rooting for Rodney because I believe or want to be optimistic that he will be able to reclaim his life. Let's cross our fingers that he makes it past the finish line.

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