Saturday, October 25, 2008

One suspect in custody for Hudson's Family Slayings; FBI Helps Search for Nephew

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When I got up this morning I got news that Jennifer Hudson (American Idol) mom and brother were killed. I was feeling a little reluctant to post this today considering that there are bloggers and websites that will cover it extensively. The good news is the brother-in-law is in custody but he nephew is still missing. It is my role to be neutral and to report with integrity because these are sensitive subjects (celebrities are people too).

Here a few blogs that I trust in there judgement and have a integrity:

Note: I do not plan to "chase" the story. But there is one rumor that I want to find out if it's fact or faux. The rumor is police were called at 9am but they didn't show up to the scene until 3pm. I will give an update when I find out if this rumor is true or false and when or if the child is found. Questions to make you think:

  • Who do you call when something seems like an emergency to you but not the police?
  • If your son was missing, your mom and brother have been murdered by your husband (boyfriend, booh, whateva). would you be changing the status of your myspace page within 24hours if you were so concerned about finding your baby?
  • I'm not judging sister gurl but who does that?
  • If you were the natural father of this child, what would be the first thing you said to the mother?
  • Were there not any cops on patrol in that area between 9am & 11am?
  • Is the sister really married to this dude or did they call eachother husband and wife as nicknames?
  • If you gave a press conference asking to "let my baby go" do you think there would be some tears behind those words?
  • Isn't "domestic violence" a crime of passion between two people who are in a relationship?
  • What is a "domestic issue"? According to TMZ Cops say at least one of the victims had defensive wounds, which led them to believe the shootings involved domestic violence. (huh???)
  • Are these murders really behind a "stolen" car?
  • Did you peep the caption under the picture of Jennifer's brother Jason?


  • Police think William Balfour was at the Donerson family home around 9 a.m. Friday, the time neighbors reported hearing gunshots, a source said. Police were then able to track him to the Near Southwest Side, where he was arrested, the source said. -
  • Police believe the murders happened about 11 a.m. and started outside with the gunman firing through the door and striking Hudson's brother, according to a law-enforcement source. The gunman then entered the house and continued to fire, striking Hudson's mother when she entered the room. Police have recovered shell casings from the scene. Police said neighbors heard the shots but didn't call police because gunfire is commonplace in the neighborhood. -

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