Sunday, November 9, 2008

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew: Episode 3 - My two dads

I am so proud that Rodney King is starting to open up!  Go Rodney, Go Rodney, Go Rodney Go!
He talks about how his disease (drugs and alcohol) have separated him from his children.  Now I'm still trying to understand this Sean Stewart character.  This is not his first time in rehab at all.  I think this is like his 9th or 10th time.

Anyways, his father (Rod Stewart) wasn't around much when he was a kid, however, now that his touring has slowed Rod is a permanent fixture in Sean's life.  This story sounds really familiar to me and hopefully through this show I will have a better understanding of why he has not been able to kick his habit as an adult.

Here's the video titled "Anatomy of the Beating 1": Rodney hasn't mentioned his incident with the LA Police since he's been at rehab. Will he bring up this horrific event?

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