Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keyshia Cole The Way It Is 3 - Premere's Tonight at 10pm/PST

***This comment is for entertainment purposes only *** 

So I just got off the phone with KeyCo and she said she didn't advertise her show because she has a built in audience that is looking out for her show.  Our interview goes a little like this:

HotChocolate206:  Hey KeyCo!!!! What the bidness is?

Keyshia Cole (KeyCo for short): Evvvvvverthang!!!! You know I got my show comin' on tonight, promotin' my single right now with Tupac, dippin' and dodgin' the paps, gettin' my work out on, and you know takin' care of my family.

HotChocolate206: Yes I see you workin' it all by any means necessary these days.  I'm so excited to watch the show tonight.  Is there anything I should be lookin' out for?

KeyCo: Well of course, you gotta be watchin out for me and my wardrobe, baby!!! I steps my game all the way up this time around!!! I got my teeth done, I'm so doin' the glamour thing this time around and I feel good!!!! You know my mama gone be on the show showin' out big time, but you I still love her the same.

HotChocolate206: How is Neffe and the kids doing?

KeyCo: They doing reaaaal good! Neffe done finally got her little "situations" together and I'm just so proud of her.

HotChocolate206: Well you know I gotta ask about the Bentley.  I got this "extended down payment" going on right now.  I'm getting the Coupe GT but I still have like $149,999 to go.  Did you rent or did you buy?

KeyCo: Fa'Sho....I worked my a$$ off to get that ride. You gotta watch the show...

HotChocolate206:  I will, got the TiVo ready for y'all.  Well I would love for you to come back and do another quick interview.

KeyCo:  I would love to come back.

HotChocolate206: Well Imma chuck up the deuce and let you get back to the money.  But thanks so much for stopping by

KeyCo: Hoooooooooooooooollllllllaaaaa!

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