Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keyshia Cole The Way It Is 3 - Premere's Tonight at 10pm/PST

We are so glad to know that BET is finally going to give us two back to back episodes of "The Way It Is". I don't know if you were a little pissed from last season when all we got was 30 minutes. I guess Keyshia is their money maker right now considering the rest of the shows on the network are straight "Bafoonary". Yeah I said it!!! What?!?!
10:00PM/PST - Episode 1: Fresh Start
Keyshia's life coach and trainer, Jamel, pushes her physically and mentally as she works on her new album; Neffe moves in to her new home and clashes with Frankie.
NEW RULE: No matter how hard it gets for your parent, don't EVER let them move in with you. They always like to play this card: "I'm the mommy or I'm the daddy"....
10:30PM/PST - Episode 2: My Two Moms
Frankie suffers feelings of guilt for having given her daughter up, and feels Yvonne (Keyshia adopted mom) is taking advantage of events from her past.
NEW RULE: If you have babies take care of them, period!
My favorite part from the when Ms. Yvonne kick the door in on that a$$ like the LAPD. This is my version of what Ms. Yvonne said before they edited the shot:
Look Frankie, I'm tired of all the bullsnit and you poppin' off at the mouth talking about I'm the lady hate....B!tch back up off me my tip for the simple fact you on it like a gnat on a dog __________ (fill in the blank)!!!!

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