Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Terrorist, Hate Crime, Racism, or Joke??? Buckley, WA students expelled for hanging Obama doll

I absolutely cannot believe (or I guess I'm forced to believe) that this stupidity is still going on.  I mean like seriously my mouth is just wide open on this subject.  So these kids in the woods priviledged community thought they had the right to hang a freaking Obama doll to express some kind of freedom they are entitled to.  I mean didn't we just go through the whole Jena-6 thing!!!!!!

Anywho, the most disappointing part about this is that this is the high school my husband went to and graduated before attending the University of Washington in the early 90's.  Now this is being reported I could only imagine what it was like for him to go to school every day considering that he is Philipino.

BUCKLEY, Wash. – A group of Pierce County teenagers have been kicked out of school for a prank involving President-elect Barack Obama that some say is racist. Five students at White River High School in Buckley are accused of hanging a doll of Obama with a rope by its neck in what appears to be a mock lynching. The incident happened last Thursday when the doll was hung in a main hallway.

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We usually go hang out there in the mornings before school so everyone would have seen it,” said one student.

Since it happened after school, not a lot of students saw it, but almost everyone has heard about it.

It's a hate crime. You should like people for who they are,” said one student.

So back to my "Conundrum of the moment: How will can America assist President Obama undo-institutional racism?"  Got comments????

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