Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MAN DOWN: Can Frankie Function without all of the attention on her?

Okay, Frankie acted a stone cold fool last night on Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is Season III - Episodes 1 and 2. It was just a little disappointing to see that she was not trying to save her relationship with Keyshia, Neffe, Ms. Yvonne or any of her other kids.

We have a lot of respect for Ms. Yvonne for trying her best to stay neutral and try to allow Frankie to come to her sinces. And Neffe just gets a standing ovation for trying to move on. Her her behavior was totally not the business and our recommendation to Frankie is:

TAKE A TV TIME OUT FRANKIE!!!!" - HotChocolate206

Notice how Neffe doesn't even call her mom any more?  Now her mom is just known to her as Frankie.  Any thoughts or reactions to the show last night?

In case you missed it, watch

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